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Being arrested or under investigation for a criminal offense in Houston or anywhere in Texas can be an uneasy and intimidating situation. Since complications in cases like these are very common, it is critical that you make a concerted effort to get in touch with an experienced and trustworthy criminal defense attorney to properly handle your case.

When evaluating a potential criminal defense attorney, there are a couple factors that you should take into account such as their experience, background, and reputation.

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With Over 33+ Years Of Practicing

Enrique Ramirez has been committed to serving the Houston community for over 33+ years, and makes it a point to put in maximum effort to reach the best result and conclusion for your case. Being a professional with years of experience up his sleeve, he takes the time to teach you about what is going on in your case, and explains the options you have as a client in order to help you make a more informed decision.

Who Has Defended Thousands Of Cases


Through 33+ years of practicing law, Enrique has seen and successfully settled nearly every type of criminal case, from simple misdemeanors to the most complex of cases (Read more about Enrique Ramirez Law). Enrique enjoys working with people from all different walks of life, and is someone who everyone can easily share their problems with.

Being educated about the law and potential repercussions that are in place for your offense is something that we recommend to all clients. Information is power, and police officers and judges are experts in understanding the details behind crimes. It is important that you look at what you are up against as a criminal defendant. Below is a list of possible criminal charges. Feel free to click below and get a better understanding of the law. We put a lot of time into this information so that you are as informed as possible.


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