Facing Charges Of Harassment?

Harassment can be defined as the repeated or non stop contact with someone. This contact can be made in a variety of ways including by phone, media, or in person.

These cases often times have various factors involved that can make it difficult to sort through. It has been our experience that the other side will try and spin their evidence to paint a picture of the situation that is not entirely accurate. This is why it is crucial that you get in touch with an experienced lawyer that is aware of all possible tricks and maneuvers.

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Often times these crimes begin to spiral out of control, so you should get in contact with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney that has the ability to get these people off of your back. Attorney Enrique Ramirez has handled these very types of cases for years and will aggressively challenge all evidence that is brought to him. Having an experienced attorney can significantly affect the outcome of your case.


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