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Texas is widely known to have one of the most strict systems when in comes to possession of a controlled substance. A controlled substance can be identified as anything that the government has deemed to be dangerous. It is worth noting that often times drug possession and drug sales go hand and hand. These drugs can include but are not limited to marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, PCP, heroin, LSD, and ecstasy.

Unfortunately for some of our clients if drugs are found in their possession you may also be charged with the intention to distribute them, (Even if they were only for your personal use). These types of charges can escalate quickly and can lead to very uneasy times for the defendant and their family. Charges can range from a simple fine to lifetime behind bars.

Penalties for possession of a controlled substance depend on a variety of factors such as: amount of drugs in your possession, intent to sell, past criminal history, and circumstances surrounding the specific case. These depend on a large variety of factors, which is why it is extremely important to get in touch with an experienced attorney that knows this side of the law inside and out and can walk you through the best course of action for your specific case.

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With 33+ years of experience in this area of the law, Attorney Enrique Ramirez is well aware of the precise protocol that must be followed by law enforcement. In many cases law enforcement do not follow code correctly, so you want someone that knows the law and can lead to your case being dismissed. This is just one example of how an attorney who had proved that they know what they are doing can make all the difference in someone’s case.

Attorney Enrique Ramirez will make it a priority to see that all your constitutional rights are upheld ,and all the benefits the law provides to its citizens are working in your favor. This in many cases can lead to your charges being reduced or even dropped completely. Mr. Ramirez knows that these cases have an effect on not only the individual involved but often times an entire family. As a result, at the Ramirez law office it is a guarantee that your case will be handled aggressively and with the utmost care.


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