Public Intoxication

Public Intoxication can be legally defined as, a person in a public place being intoxicated to the degree that is dangerous to others around and the individual that is intoxicated. At this point the law enforcement has the right to arrest you. This is typically up the discretion of the law enforcement officer. I you or someone you know is being charged with public intoxication please contact us .

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Why Do You Need Us?

If a law enforcement officer has it in his mind to confront you about this particular topic, the encounter will not always go smoothly. This could lead to the officer detecting some form of alcohol on your breath, and then you subsequently being arrested for public intoxication.

Unfortunately, if you have been charged for this type of crime there is typically only one way to get your case dismissed, and that is take your case to trial. Prosecutors do not receive payment for having a case dismissed, rather from taking the case to trial, or getting you to plead guilty.

That is why it’s crucial to seek out an attorney that has experience in dealing with these types of cases.

Find A Lawyer With Relevant Experiences

Attorney Enrique Ramirez has dealt with so many of these cases, that he is often more aware of the proper field sobriety tests than most of the officers involved. This leaves the officer vulnerable for cross examination about the reasons they didn’t follow certain steps in the proper protocol, and could lead to a favorable conclusion to your case. This is just one example of how Mr. Ramirez and an experienced criminal defense lawyer could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.


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