Welcome back everyone! We hope everyone had a great Christmas.

This week we wanted to touch on Traffic Violations. A lot of people don’t think too much of them, so we wanted to show you how they can easily escalate into more serious matters that could cost you some serious cash!

As well as show you how hiring a lawyer in some cases can cost the same or less amount of money than paying the actual fine AND can keep the charge off your record.

First thing you should know is that whenever you pay the fine amount on a ticket, either online, by mail, or at the window it counts as a CONVICTION and will be on your personal record FOREVER.

Secondly in the state of Texas there are things known as Surcharges, which are basically extra fines for getting excessive traffic violations. In this situation you will have to pay extra money to the state in order to keep your license from being suspended!

It is our recommendation to everyone that you hire a lawyer (most prices are comparable to the fines you could have to pay anyway). In most cases we are able to resolve the case so that the charge stay off your record, thus keeping you from getting surcharges, and suspensions.

Next will we will talk to you about certain traffic violations that lead straight to a suspended license and how you can avoid them.

Stayed tuned!


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