License Suspended Traffic Tickets

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Happy Friday everyone! As promised, here are a couple of traffic violations that could lead straight to your license suspended!

Our First example is if you are ticketed for driving without your glasses or corrective lenses .If you choose to pay the fine, you guessed it, automatic suspension of your license just for driving without glasses and choosing to pay the fine.

Our second example is driving with no insurance. The State gives you one bite at the apple here. If you pay the first no insurance ticket, it only cost the price of the ticket around $350.00 however still counts as a conviction. If you pay a second one, they suspend your drivers license until you buy liability insurance and purchase and file a SR-22 from your insurance company with the Department of Public Safety. Here again it counts as another conviction which can lead to additional fines depending on your record.

As mentioned previously we would recommend getting in touch with a lawyer should you be in any other these situations. Usually we will be able to come to some sort of resolution without it going on your record permanently!

Stay Tuned For More Advice From Your Lawyer!


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