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Good Afternoon Everyone! As promised we are going to elaborate further on the best way to handle being in an uninsured accident.

Like we discussed yesterday if you happen to be in an accident and you are uninsured you will likely be required to pay back the full amount of damages that you are responsible for. As well as have your license suspended until you are able to do so.

As a person without experience in dealing with these type of cases it can be overwhelming. Most people are unaware that it is the states responsibility to prove the accident was your fault. Having worked on these cases for years we can assist you with this having the state prove the accident was your fault. As well are attempt to negotiate the settlement amount, that can in some cases have you pay a reduced amount!

We don’t like to see anyone in this situation, however unfortunately these incidents happen to people on a daily basis. Please remember that we are always here to assist you if you are involved in an uninsured accident.

Lastly tomorrow we will be covering the dangers of driving without a licenses.

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